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  HIV/AIDS Rates Rocket for Black U.S. Women
Aug 31, 2012
  Atlanta pastor arrested after infecting parishioners with HIV
The Examiner
Aug 31, 2012
  US approves new once-a-day pill to treat HIV
AFP Relax News
Aug 31, 2012
  Unlicensed Acupuncturist Charged In 16 HIV Infections In Switzerland
Associated Press:: John Heilprin
Aug 31, 2012

Virtually every nation in the world has been severely hit by the plague of AIDS; we are experiencing an extinction-causing event. There are no vaccines, no cures, and no group that is not vulnerable. And, because it is spread largely by sex and by mother-to-child contact, and to a smaller degree by blood contact, it is hitting those of childbearing age the hardest.

This is a silent killer. Without testing, it can go undetected for many years, even as the carrier transmits it to others. Unfortunately, we know only the most advanced cases in most of the countries of the world. Many millions of others may be infected, but in the latent stage. WAIF is committed to educate the public about the emergency of the AIDS epidemic.

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Columns & Articles
by Greg Carter ~ Aug 30, 2006
  Speech to President Bush's Board of HIV/AIDS Advisors
by Greg Carter
by Greg Carter ~ Sep 6, 2004
  Spreading the Prevention Message to Athletes
by Kate Tsubata ~ Aug 30, 2004
  Creating effective AIDS prevention for young adults
by Dieudonne Nkwethat ~ Sep 1, 2004
  PENNSYLVANIA: "City to Speed HIV Screening"
Philadelphia Inquirer :: Manasee Wagh
Jan 4, 2007
  WHO says few pregnant women getting HIV drugs
Reuters :: Laura MacInnis
Mar 28, 2006

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